happy-ness <3

WE WON!! (b-ball game)

Well, yesterday we had a basketball game as well (had one on 12, 13, and 14) and we LOST T_T". We won the basketball game on the 12th. (To make it more not-confusing..)
Feb. 12 - Won
Feb. 13 - Lost
Feb. 14 - Won

I feel proud of myself xD! We have 9 games in total. We played 5 games. 4 more to go!!! (Won - 2 Lost - 3)

Anyways, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! *sends out my love to everyone* xD!

I wanted to post some things with everyone on my f-list. Even though my journal is not f-locked.

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My extra gifts for people in my f-list <3. HAPPY V-DAY AGAIN!


Its about time..

I CHANGED MY LAYOUT!! <3 featuring KAME! (his birthday is this month)

After spazzing about KAT-TUN's Lips for about 2 entries now, I should stop xD!

My layout is so yellow <3, which is my favourite colour now. (because of nino xD!)

I'm too lazy to make more icons and I don't feel like posting to communities either so, I'll just post my icons here, all isolated.. I don't mind if people don't take them because I am seriously too lazy to post to a community. Which reminds me, I have to prepare for Kame's birthday! Probably not going to make icons because everyone's going to do it.

I BOUGHT MY FIRST MAGAZINE! Not J.E related though. But.. SHUN RELATED! (Oguri Shun) Around 5 pages of him.. We only bought it because it was cheap ($3.00 CDN).. 

Teaser :

[30] Icons Total -

[10] KAT-TUN
[10] Koyama Keiichiro
[10] Ninomiya Kazunari

Be sure to check out my old icon posts too! My icon tag list 'here'

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2 more days until 'Lips'!

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*spams your friend's pages xD!

I suppose I'm gonna be posting again tomorrow because I have a limit of going on the computer today..


01. Lips
02. Love
03. Message For You

(Credits: kattunlove    )

I love 'LOVE' xD! I love 'Message For You' too! These new styles are awesome.. So retro-ish feeling.. I LOVE IT~
(sugar rush!!)

Blah, tomorrow gotta wake up early just to do my FSA -_-" (forgot what it stands for, but it's like provincial tests but for grade 4 and 7)

Anyways, AHHHH <3 Lol, can't stop putting the songs on repeat! Not even listening to Lips =O! Love is good but my sister likes Message For You better.. Oh well, Jingrish beats everything xD!

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LOL! So many tags xD!



Wahoo! I finished my icons. Even though I had to do my homework I finished my icons! I'm happy and yet feeling bad for not doing my homework. (I'm the type of person who will feel guilty not doing what I'm suppose to do.) Kind of weird but anyways, less talk more icons!

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I'm starting to have alot of free time. So maybe this is why I get to post everyday. xD". Anyways school nowadays aren't always the best days.I should have realised how lucky I was in the past. Anyways till tomorrow (or maybe a few days later.). Btw, so much jealousy in cartoon KAT-TUN yesterday!

PV Fandom~

I'm on a roll on uploading PV's. Its just so interesting watching Johnny's PV's. My computer is very slow right now so I cannot really upload anything. But I really want to upload NewS' weeeek PV and Hey! Say! JUMP's Ultra Music Power (UMP) PV. It was interesting to watch it because there's 10 teens aged 12-17 kinda crowded into an area. But the song was quite nice. I liked Hikaru's rap. Ugh, my hands smell like paint. I don't really like the smell of paint. Anyways just for now, until my other downloads are finish, I shall upload the download links for the 2 PV's!

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Tension UP UP UP! Guess what?

KAT-TUN's newest PV [Keep the faith] is out! I love it soooo much! I love their outfits. Not to mention Jin's black and white striped sweater! 

(Sorry for the super smallness since I don't want to put under a cut and I don't want to scretch my lj)

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I loved it so much! I found this a different feeling from Yorokobi no Uta (their last single) but it's all good ^^".

That's all for now! Until then~ (Too lazy to put under a cut since I want everyone to see this!) Stoopid Veoh.



Wow, today I feel so exquisite. I don't know why but I just felt less stressful and more "I dunno what am I doing".  But finally today I watched Yukan Club. I had enough dose of Johnny's for today. I actually wanted to post an entry stating something, but I forgot. Probably because I am so carefree. Anyhow, I will still post. Maybe something random. I really want to find screencapping program for videos. I found ways to screencap without a program but I just want to use a program. Today I want to post a song, because I just absolutely adore/love this song <3.

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 - I was planning to change my header/layout, but unfortunately nothing's working out. The colours are messed up and I am in a seriously bad mood and very stressed so I can't do anything right now. Also, the header was too wide and not a very long length so I also have to remake the header. I don't know what else to say right now. Stoopid T__T". 

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Tutorial : How to post an entry.

Hey, just so you know this post is friend-only. It is finally open free to everyone! I made this post for fun and for someone, and whoever else needs help. I just want to make this in 3 easy steps but there are a lot of details. So, I hope that you would read everything. Once you remember all of these you'll easily make a nice post. I actually might make a lot of tutorial posts but friend locked. It took me a while to learn these and to make these. You can actually find these in livejournal's FAQ but I made these for fun remember!

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PLEASE CREDIT IF YOU ARE TAKING!! Although I do not think that anyone should be taking this. But I don't really mind that much, just trying to be strict because I worked on this for a  long time. (Although this is not hard at all)
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Such a sad song..

I was just surfing through my friend's page and I saw this post where its a translation. I read it and I thought that Nino is really thoughtful and sweet.  So now, I give you the translations and the song.

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(My tiny random post xD)
~ Today at school, wasn't the best, or the worse. I just kept thinking about KAT-TUN and Arashi. I didn't pay much attention in class today, but oh well. Teacher always says the same things. Well, today during class, the teacher made us do this self evaluation sheet. On the sheet, one sentence said "blah blah blah unbiased blah blah" (Sorry, the blah's are actually words that I forgot. xD) I was reading it and I was facing down and I smiled and smirked. (I was completely bored during class) I was like (in my head) "I am definitely biased about my fandom". My friends couldn't see me. If they did, they would be like "What the heck are you laughing about?" Anyways, today it was another normal day. 

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