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Such a sad song..

I was just surfing through my friend's page and I saw this post where its a translation. I read it and I thought that Nino is really thoughtful and sweet.  So now, I give you the translations and the song.


- Kako (Konseki) - Ninomiya Kazunari (Iza, Now Concert) .mp3

- Translations from the arashian forums.

Kako (Konseki) - Ninomiya Kazunari

It won’t disappear, it won’t disappear
The marks of May
Those are the marks of tears, never able to be wiped away
Unable to wipe away, unable to wipe away
It floated in the dark nights
The shadows of the one I love

Taking a walk down the streams under the sunset
Smiling together with you
“What will we have for dinner today?”
It’s small, this small, simple happiness

You, who left the world,
Left a mark solidifying in my heart

Even if I get to fall in love with someone else
That someone will still be “just another person”
No matter how many seasons passed
Fearing that it will go further and then disappear
I am afraid

Looking at the purple orchids
Even if it’s beautiful, there’ll always be this one-day
It will be withered
At that time, the skies dyed deep red during sunset
The two of us on the water surface
Our shadows overlapped slowly
I am afraid that it will gradually become only a person’s shadow
But realising that it is too late at that time
There was actually only one person on the water surface

That day, the tiny seed buried in my heart
Budded 20 days right after
Even if the appearance changed, my love still remains
The gentle light shines on

(My tiny random post xD)
~ Today at school, wasn't the best, or the worse. I just kept thinking about KAT-TUN and Arashi. I didn't pay much attention in class today, but oh well. Teacher always says the same things. Well, today during class, the teacher made us do this self evaluation sheet. On the sheet, one sentence said "blah blah blah unbiased blah blah" (Sorry, the blah's are actually words that I forgot. xD) I was reading it and I was facing down and I smiled and smirked. (I was completely bored during class) I was like (in my head) "I am definitely biased about my fandom". My friends couldn't see me. If they did, they would be like "What the heck are you laughing about?" Anyways, today it was another normal day. 

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