April 4th, 2008


hbd eunhyuk ♥

As I have promised.. my icon patch! So I have been very busy for the past whole week so i'm sorry I haven't got time to post.
I made 165 SuJu icons and only 6 KAT-TUN icons. Wah! So sorry about that! Stupid teacher gave us test everyday -_-". I will make more KAT-TUN icons when their birthdays are coming up =D.

I have changed EVERYTHING on my livejournal (except for icons since I did that last time). I changed my layout and thank you to

paintedlayouts    for the code. I also changed my header for my "user info" page. 

Btw, font bigger than usual because its a special post xD"!

Now, I don't think I've missed anything important.. Oh and I'll post up an introductory post later for my f-list! Just so you know, the SuJu icons are from their mvs. I took my time capping them so please don't steal the icons!

[164] Super Junior
Total - 170

Teaser :

Collapse )

That pretty much is all my icons =D. Image super heavy today xD"! Hope you guys had an awesome day! Oh and..