February 4th, 2008


Its about time..

I CHANGED MY LAYOUT!! <3 featuring KAME! (his birthday is this month)

After spazzing about KAT-TUN's Lips for about 2 entries now, I should stop xD!

My layout is so yellow <3, which is my favourite colour now. (because of nino xD!)

I'm too lazy to make more icons and I don't feel like posting to communities either so, I'll just post my icons here, all isolated.. I don't mind if people don't take them because I am seriously too lazy to post to a community. Which reminds me, I have to prepare for Kame's birthday! Probably not going to make icons because everyone's going to do it.

I BOUGHT MY FIRST MAGAZINE! Not J.E related though. But.. SHUN RELATED! (Oguri Shun) Around 5 pages of him.. We only bought it because it was cheap ($3.00 CDN).. 

Teaser :

[30] Icons Total -

[10] KAT-TUN
[10] Koyama Keiichiro
[10] Ninomiya Kazunari

Be sure to check out my old icon posts too! My icon tag list 'here'

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2 more days until 'Lips'!

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