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final post..

Well, a lot of things have happened recently and I am really tired these days to finish my icons for my community.
(Gotta catch up with a lot of shows, such as Cartoon KAT-TUN, etc.. Still haven't watched ProDai yet!)
Have to clean up my computer too!

So, I have decided to go on a hiatus.

I don't know how long. But definitely not THAT long.
When I come back, I promise I will have a spam of icons.

I have decided to remake my Kame icon xD!

Before I take my leave, I want to treat my f-list to something =D!

I have uploaded Arashi's new album on MediaFire. I have downloaded it from MU.
Credits: pinkcakerocks 
I am not posting this to anywhere else. Only keeping it here. But if you want to share with other people (or posting on other community) please credit pinkcakerocks . I only upped this on MF.
Ask if you want zip file.

Disc 1
1. Theme of Dream "A" Live
2. Move Your Body
3. Happiness
4. Niji no Kanata e
5. Do My Best
6. Step and Go
7. Life Goes On
8. My Answer
9. Goe
10. Dive Into the Future
11. Flashback
12. Sirius
13. Your Song

Disc 2 (Solos)
1. Hello Goodbye - Aiba Masaki
2. Gimmick Game - Ninomiya Kazunari
3. Take Me Faraway - Ohno Satoshi
4. Naked - Matsumoto Jun
5. Hip Pop Boogie - Sakurai Sho 


I really recommend Gimmick Game by Nino. (Not that I'm biased, but it is really good!) Same with Hello Goodbye by Aiba. Both of them are upbeat. xD"

Speaking of solos, I really wanna hear KAT-TUN's solo songs now! Especially Jin's since he missed a solo when he went to LA.

I went to a party yesterday. We went we to play Laser Tag. It was awkward. Anyhow, it was fun..

I have decided to start translating this book of chinese poems. It actually means a lot. I found it meaningful. I hope that it will turn out the way I want it to. Since I'm so bad at translating stuff. (But it was fun after translating Super Junior M's song.) Some might not have accurate meanings so it might sound weird. But I'll try my best =D! 

Farewell ^^;! 

NOTE - If you realize some changes here while I'm on hiatus, I'm probably just cleaning up xD". 

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