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Gonna do a short post today.

Getting emotional often now.. I hate everything.
I just want to be on the computer all the time.
But it is impossible for a 13 year-old. 

I replaced my Eunhyuk icon with another Eunhyuk icon. =)

I just made a new community. A graphics community =D!
Its like another journal but a community. So only I post in there.
I don't want to spam my journal with my graphics, so ya..
If you want to request, then join the community.

I haven't made anything yet but I just wanted to advertise right now xD"!

assortedbliss   assortedbliss   assortedbliss  assortedbliss  
assortedbliss   assortedbliss   assortedbliss  assortedbliss   assortedbliss   assortedbliss   assortedbliss  assortedbliss 

Well, I hope everyone had a great day. 

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