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the special-ness of the 22nd year.

As the title says.. TODAY IS KAME'S BIRTHDAY (in Japan)!!

As I promised, a BIRTHDAY POST!

I made 3 wallpapers (because I make icons too much) =(.

Anyways, here we go~

- No claiming whatsoever
- Credits and comments are appreciated
- No editting please!!

Note - I didn't put my name/username on the wallpaper because I don't want any other things more on the wallpapers and so please credit me if you are reposting on vox or anywhere else, ex. credits for pixelatine @lj.

THREE SIZES ONLY~ (800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1280 x 1024!)

Wallpaper #1

[800 x 600]
[1024 x 768]
[1280 x 1024] 

Wallpaper #2

[800 x 600]
[1024 x 768]
[1280 x 1024]

Wallpaper #3

[800 x 600]
[1024 x 768]
[1280 x 1024]

Hope everyone enjoyed their day! Btw, if you need help using the wallpapers, please ask!

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY KAME!  We love you <3

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